Why Strengthen & Stretch?

Well, this is finally happening!  It has been a long time (typically me) in the ‘thinking about’ stage and now I have a new website and a blog going live on the same day!  I must admit to feeling excited but quite scared at the same time.

“Video yourself doing your exercise at home and send it to us each week.” Was the cry that started this crazy but fabulously enjoyable business venture last year.  Having taught exercise classes in the UK for over 30 years (am I really that old…) I was forced to close them when I moved away with my husband for his work.  Class members, who had become friends over the years missed the classes and wanted to do, ‘our sort’ of exercise at home, when it suited them.

It hasn’t all been plain sailing…and my family will testify to this!! I am not very tech savvie, can be quite scatty, and have spent many hours, days even, hunched over my laptop trying to achieve things that would take anybody else half the time; my daughters and their friends dread my messages and calls, asking for help!  But I am slowly learning and now my messages are more, can you check this isn’t naff before I post, rather than anything technical.

Still affiliated to FLexercise, the organisation I ran classes for before moving, Strengthen & Stretch has evolved.  Real exercise for real people is my passion.  There are thousands of exercise related blogs, vlogs, websites, apps and absolutely everythings; but on doing my research I found many are quite frankly just too hard for your average person!  The trainer looks absolutely stunning in his or her gym gear and performs moves that most of us cannot hope to achieve properly.

I hate this phrase but put simply, Strengthen & Stretch does exactly what it says on the tin!  30/40 minute workouts posted on a closed, members only Facebook group every Monday that Strengthen & Stretch the body.  They are often challenging and sometimes when I am re-doing it after a filming session, I can’t believe I made it so long or did so many reps; but are ultimately doable, with progressions and easier options too.

I feel extremely lucky that I can spend my day working on something I love and feel passionately about; it’s a fact; we all need to move regularly so that we feel fitter, more flexible, toned, stronger and have a feeling of wellbeing

.  In addition, having always been told when studying for school exams or my, ‘mature student,’ degree not so long ago, I do like to waffle when I write; the idea of having a blog to run alongside is even more loveable.

These blogs will sometimes be the witterings of a 50 something year old exercise teacher, but more often hopefully informative pieces of writing on contemporary exercise related topics.  So, all I need now are some readers and some exercisers to join me each week in my mission!

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