Happy Hips

Having just posted this week’s workout, called ‘Love Your Hips’ on my Strengthen and Stretch site, I felt the need to write this blog to explain just why the hip joint is so important and why we should all do more to keep our hips happy and healthy. We all know someone who in later (or even not so late) life needs a hip replacement; and who before having that hip replacement suffer all sorts of pain and posture changing problems. Or perhaps we know younger people who do lots of one particular exercise regime that puts a strain on the hip joint leading to aches and pains deep within the joint, or even deferred pain in the lower back or knee.

Our hip joints are one of the most important joints in the body. Not only do they bear our body’s weight all day, every day, but they are one of the most flexible joints too. There are many large strong muscle groups that run across it and which along with the type of joint it is allow a large range of movement. Therefore, we should do more to recognise the importance of the joint and exercise it more regularly, looking after it and keeping it healthy.

Not only are the muscles around the hips crucial for movement and flexibility, they are also vital for stability and being able to maintain a good upright posture. When our hips are tight or painful it can affect our ability to stand up straight. Hip related pain can feel like lower back pain, groin pain, tightness and pain in the hamstrings and can lead to knee and/or ankle pain as we make adjustments to our posture to alleviate pain in and around the hip.

If we maintain good hip health by having a regular strengthen and stretch our hips will work better for us. Good hip strength and mobility means keeping the large and small muscles, tendons and bones that make up the joint and provide it’s movement, strong and healthy. Sedentary and inactive lifestyles mean we increase the risk of injury and general stiffness which in turn leads to pain. In addition to this, doing too much of an extreme exercise, such as running, without strengthening and stretching around the joint can also lead to wear and tear, injury and pain.

By keeping our weight in a healthy range and moving regularly with a mixture of exercises to strengthen, stretch and loosen the hip joint we will be giving our hips the importance and care they deserve. Why not have a look at my ‘Happy Hips’ 20 minute workout on YouTube and give it a go! Message me if you’d like the link.

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